The Guest List


How early is too early to start a guest list? How can I put this… IT’S.NEVER.TOO.EARLY!
I cannot stress the importance of getting your list started as soon as possible. The minute that ring hits your finger, you should be settling down in front of your PC or tablet, opening up a spreadsheet or similar, and type, type type away! The really hard part is not even trying to decide whether or not Comparè Pino and Comarè Pina should be invited, because they didn’t invite you to their daughter’s wedding, as much as that might sting. It’s the collection of correct addresses – like exact street numbers, street names, suburbs that will take you longer than you had originally imagined. Try and schedule some time with your parents and your in-laws one weekend or week night, even for just an hour or so, to go through all the names and make notes on any details you are missing. Then assign one person to find out all that missing info (this means you, mum)

Getting your list done early will help in so many areas. You will make your wedding stationer’s life a dream, keep your own sanity and hopefully stop adding more names!